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Fire blankets

How to use a fire blanket

What’s a car fire blanket?A car fire blanket is a safety device that is used to extinguish fires in fuel vehicles and to control fires in electric vehicles.
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Types of car fire blankets

There are several types of car fire blankets in the marketplace, and can be classified according to their measurements or the type of fabric in their composition. Being the used material, the one that can show the...
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Differences between multi-use blankets vs. single-use blankets

Some manufacturers sell single-use blankets, and others sell blankets that can be used more than 5 times. But, what is the difference between them? Can these blankets really be used more than 5 times?
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Flame retardant blankets: Sectors of aplication

Due to the nature of the tasks done in laboraotries, emergencies caused by spills, splashes or fire connates can be caused easily, so action and protection items are needed to control these situations. Experience...
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Flame retardant blankets with CE marking of European Conformity

The CE marking is a conformity indicator that means a product complies with the European legislation, Directive 93/68 EEC and it’s applied to all those products under any European regulation.
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A preox non-woven fabric can be the solution

Oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber Preox, also named Panox, is an oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber (PAN), a flame retardant material that has many features applied to different sectors. The great qualities Preox has are...
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Fire blanket, a mandatory element for mixed and air balloons

New Regulation (EU) 2018/395 of EC for operations crewed with mixed and hot air balloons requires balloons to be equipped with a flame retardant blanket as a basic safety element.
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Flame retardant blanket with magnets: Multiple uses in one single product

Flame retardant blankets with magnets for metallic surfaces: safe magnet fastening and reduction of damage risks in workplaces A welding blankets with magnets, with magnetic clamping system, is a welding protection...
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Fire blanket, the complement of extraction hoods

It is in the extraction hood or in the cooking area, mainly when frying, the most proper element and place in the kitchen to start a fire, due to greases and oils are flammable products and when those are very hot,...
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RIPCI 2017 and fire blankets

Considers fire blankets as an Active Protection against Fire element"New FPAFR /2017. Entering into force 13th december 2017 Published in BOE, Real Decreto 513/2017, last 12th June 2017 and entering into force 6...
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