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Fire fighting systems

Flame retardant blankets: Sectors of aplication

Due to the nature of the tasks done in laboraotries, emergencies caused by spills, splashes or fire connates can be caused easily, so action and protection items are needed to control these situations. Experience...
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WELS2 fabric for flame retardant curtains, the best classification according to UNE-EN 13773

Fires inside houses or buildings spread very fast. A small flame is able to fill a whole big area with a dense black smoke or surround it in flames in less than a minute. It only needs to find enough combustion...
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Fabrics for pyrotechnic shows and fireworks

Texfire presents a family of technical fabrics, for the protection of worms and sparks from pyrotechnic devices such as flares, wheelbarrows and firecrackers that are used in cultural celebrations and fireworks shows.
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FR fabric to protect the wiring in smelting furnaces

Foundries need energy supply on its production process, mainly, when it comes to smelting furnaces by electric heating. One of the challenges in the steel industry is the protection of wires in smelting furnaces...
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Fire blanket, a mandatory element for mixed and air balloons

New Regulation (EU) 2018/395 of EC for operations crewed with mixed and hot air balloons requires balloons to be equipped with a flame retardant blanket as a basic safety element.
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Flame retardant thermic covers for barrels: safety and energy savings

Thermal insulation, an essential property for energy saving, and its application in the thermal covers for IBC and other drums As we already know, thermal insulation is a fact to take into account when reducing power...
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How to choose a good welding curtain?

Welding curtain: Flame retardant protection of the working area Screens functions: separation of areas and security signalling. ISO 9185: Fabric's resistance before melted metal splashes. An optimal calculation of...
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What is a permanent flame retardant fabric?

Permanently flame retardant: Property unalterable with time and washing Texfire uses one type of fabric for all its projects: the permanent or inherent flame retardant fabric. This is a technical fabric that prevents...
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MetalMadrid 2017: Industry Exhibition in Madrid

As in other occasions, parallel to this event will take place Composite Spain and Robótica exhibitions. The Industry exhibition of Madrid, Machinery and subcontracting comes back with its tenth edition, during...
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Fires and explosions in welding: risks and preventive measures

The most common causes for fire and explosion risks that a worker could be subjected during welding jobs, could be: Welding sparks projections. Electric arc inherent from welding process. Manipulation and/or gas...
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