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Welding blanket

Why to use a specific welding blanket for plumbing?

Torch welding is one of the most used procedures used in plumbing. Torch welding is one of procedures applied to strong welding, for copper, tin, etc. and it is very used in specialised operations of union or...
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What kind of protection exists for welders?

There is a concept that must be present, any protection is little for the purpose of minimize industrial accident risks. Welding prevention: 2 types of protection, individual and collective.We can classify two big...
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The regulation UNE EN ISO 11611 certifies the protection clothes for welding and connected techniques. To certify this regulation, those garments must be submitted to a series of laboratory test in order to check if...
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Types of fusion welding: Oxyacetilene, Electric and Laser

DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HETEROGENEOUS, HOMOGENEOUS AND/OR AUTOGENOUS WELDING?Fusion welding or simply metal welding, is a classification under homogeneous welding, that groups many processes that are...
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Pillow for welder. What is it for? Why using it?

The skeletal-muscle disorders in workers are one of the principal professional diseases. Is common that welders, to do certain jobs, have to put in forzed postures during long periods of time. These actions could...
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Welding protection: Thermal Blanket or Fire Blanket?

What do we call thermal blanket for welding, and what do we call fire blanket in welding?The welders sphere require a high security degree to develop its professional activity properly. An inadequate product for a...
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Differences between leather and flame retardant fabrics for welder’s protection

When we talk about protection before welding jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is leather because it is the most popular and economic existing protection PID for welders and the protection it brings is quite...
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Do you know American regulation for protection in welding?

American regulation ANSI FM 4950 establishes the essential requirements that welding pillows, welding blankets and welding curtains must meet to prevent ignition of fuels, machinery or other elements during the...
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How to choose which flame retardant blanket buy under desired use: fire blanket, fiberglass or welding protection?

Many times we find clients that buy a fire blanket that end up using in a welding workshop, the client's goal was the protection against welding protection and depending on their level or the welding technique done,...
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Innovations in welding protection in Suministros Torras Technical Workshop

The Technical Workshop organized by Suministros Torras, became for Texfire in a new chance to show and evaluate in situ not only prestations of its welding protective blanket in the comfort level, but also the...
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