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The Texfire flame retardant sofa blanket, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, is a product that combines safety, comfort, and warmth. It is made from Marko® fabric, a plush knit fabric that provides a soft and pleasant touch while also offering exceptional flame retardant protection due to its composition of inherent fire-resistant fibers. This characteristic ensures that its flame retardant properties remain intact throughout its entire lifespan and do not diminish with washing cycles.

We achieve its soft and fluffy feel thanks to a brushing process of the Marko® knitted fabric. The knit fabric's structure ensures that the blanket maintains its structural stability, offering a very pleasant drape compared to low-cost blankets made from non-woven fabrics, which, besides being less durable, often shed fibers.

This blanket is designed for spaces with fireplaces and braziers, where sparks or hot embers can pose a risk. Unlike conventional sofa blankets, the Texfire blanket does not burn, melt, drip, or produce toxic fumes in case of a fire. Since it is made with fire-resistant fabric, it means that when the ember or ignition source is extinguished, the blanket will also extinguish and not continue to burn. Available in the size of 200x150 cm, the Texfire flame retardant sofa blanket provides an extra level of safety at home, as it can be used for protection during an evacuation in emergency situations.

In addition to its use in the domestic setting, this blanket is ideal for use in motorhomes, campers, and camping tents as a lightweight travel accessory that provides warmth while minimizing the risk of fire caused by a stove, ember, or glowing particle.

Texfire's flame retardant blanket complies with the standards of the UNE EN 11612 standard for protective clothing against fire, ensuring its performance against flames. It can be washed following the usage instructions, and it is recommended not to vacuum it to prevent the release of fibers.


  • Certified according to the European standard UNE EN 11612.
  • Dimensions: 200x150cm.
  • Marko® fabric, polar fleece type, soft and warm to the touch.
  • Lightweight, flexible, and warm.
  • Stitching with fire-resistant thread.
  • Inherent fire-resistant fabric, does not burn, melt, or drip.
  • Intrinsic fire-resistant properties of the fibers, guaranteed for life.
  • Designed and manufactured in Barcelona.
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Data sheet

Data sheet

Dimmensional stability
EN ISO 5077 | 5%
Electrical arch
EN 61482-1-2 | CLASS 1
EN 1149-3 | PASS
Water Vapor Resistance
UNE EN 31092
Thermal Resistance
UNE EN 31092
Heat and flame protection clothing
UNE EN 11612


  • Home.
  • Hospitality and camping.
  • Recreational vehicles.
  • Outdoor leisure activities.



  • Follow the washing instructions provided on the label.
  • Do not vacuum, brush, or rub as it may release fibers.
  • Not recommended for extinguishing fires.

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