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Fire blankets are designed as fire safety device and could be used to suffocate the initial phase of a fire or to wrap a person who has been reached by the flames.

This security device is suitable for its use in public buildings, hotels, kitchens and industrial facilities and/or where there is a risk of fire.

Some professional sectors are forced to use fire blankets and other sectors recommend and include them in their laboral risk prevention guides. It is important to ensure when adquiring a fire blanket and in general with all fire safety devices that they meet NFPA regulations (National Fire Plan Association). In fire blankets' case, they must meet UNE-EN 1869 regulations.

Texfire offer different fire blankets models and sizes in order to choose the one that meets your needs.

One of the main advantages of using a Fire Blanket over other systems such as fire extinguishers is that in the event of a fire the flames can be extinguished without harming other elements in the environment. Dust from a fire extinguisher makes it necessary to vacate the work space and carry out cleaning operations in order to resume activity. This does not happen if a blanket is used.

IMPORTANT :For a fire blanket to comply with the EN 1869 standard, it must be made following the manufacturing specifications indicated in the standard.

1. Place the blanket in a visible and easily accessible place in case of emergency.

2. Simultaneously pull down on the handles protruding from the packaging to remove the blanket.

3. Unfold the fire blanket fully.

4. Protect your hands and body by turning the handles of the blanket inwards.

5. Place the blanket in such a way as to cut off the oxygen supply to the flames.

6. Cover the fire or wrap the affected person with the fire blanket.

7. Do not remove the blan


8. Once the blanket has been used, discard it and replace it with a new one.