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ISO 9150 | Small splashes impact

ISO 9150:1988 Protective clothing - Determination of behaviour of materials on impact of small splashes of molten metal

Test must be done over 10 testing sample with the size of 120 mm x 20 mm. Testing rods composition is very importante, because it affects to measures repeatability. Composition must be according ISO 636 standards and lineal density will be (0,5 + 0,2) g/cm.

A size of the steel rod is melted, in the flame of a oxycetylene torch with a 1,2mm diameter hole. Rod is taken forward by a variable speed engine with a pulley system. Before testing, the engine speed must be adjusted in order to feed the steed rod with a 10g/min speed. All the parameters once adjusted, a test is done consisting in the proyection of iron melted drops in a point over the testing sample, vertically oriented, and the number of drops needed to heat temperature to 40ºK are measured in a temperature sensor placed behind the sample.