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Circular fire resistant mat to protect the floor, especially suitable for hanging fireplaces or braziers. Tailored with Texfire’s Weld SX fabric, it has a diameter of 100cm. This is a multi-layered mat with a fiberglass base and with a silicone coating for high temperatures, resistant to ashes or sparks. And on the other side, a non-woven of pre-carbonized fibers performing as a thermal barrier, reducing heat transference and avoiding that parquet, stoneware or laminate-typed floors are damaged. The carpet is crowned with a black bies in all its perimeter and tailored with Nomex® flame retardant thread.

The circular design and its diameter measurements of 100 cm. turns it into a floor protector suitable for hanging chimneys and braziers. The non-woven side must be always placed in contact with the floor, maintaining the silicone side on the visible face. It is important to quickly take off any incandescent material that can remain on the flame retardant carpet’s surface. Manufactured and tailored in Barcelona, with inherent flame retardant materials which guarantee its protection besides its use over time. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Texfire’s circular carpet, flexible and light, includes an elastic strip to store it rolled easily.

Circular mat made with WELD SX fabric. This fabric are certified in year 2020 with regulation UNE 23727 - Reaction to fire of construction materials -, with an M2 classification. And also meets regulation EN ISO 9150 with a Class 2 classification - Behaviour of materials over the impact of small melted metal splashes -.


  • It resists peak temperatures up to 1300ºC.
  • Sizes: 100 cm of diameter, thickness lower than 4 mm.
  • Totally  impermeable to liquids, gases and fumes.
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors use.
  • Tailored with flame retardant thread from Nomex® brand.
  • Its flame retardant features stay unaltered over time.
  • Manufactured and tailored in Barcelona.
  • Flexible and light, can be stored easily.
  • It has an elastic stric to ease its storage.

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Data sheet

Data sheet

Fire resistance
ISO 6942 | C4
Convective heat
ISO 12127 | F2
Radiant heat
ISO 15025 | A1
Traction resistance
EN ISO 11612 | PASS
Flame propagation
ISO 9151 | B2
Welding and related techniques
EN 13934-1 | Warp 2200 NT Weft 1200 NT
Melted metal splashes
EN 469 | PASS
Water penetration resistance
ISO 6942 | C4
Resistance welding and cutting projections
ISO 12127 | F2


  • Flame retardant carpet for hanging chimneys.
  • Flame retardant circular floor drape.
  • Flame retardant floor protector for braziers.


  • Domestic use.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Public areas.
  • Barbecues and caterings.



  • Ensure its good placement to guarantee its highest level of protection. Always place the non-woven side in contact with the floor, and the silicone face on the side exposed to sparks or ashes.
  • Take back as soon as possible any higher sized incandescent material that remains on the carpet’s surface.
  • Store it rolled, in order to raise its useful life. Save it after every single use outdoors.
  • Do not vacuum, rub not brush the non-woven side. The silicone side can be cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • Never use alcohol, because flammable remains can remain in the carpet’s surface.
  • Check the carpet’s status before each use.  

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