Thermal insulation 

In situations where products with thermal insulation are needed, sometimes to protect before extreme temperatures, and in other cases, to keep energy in form of heat inside any space or element.
Texfire manufactures textile products with a technical basis, thought for its daily and professional use. Developments that on the basis of the accumulated experience from industrial projects already made. Texfire provides final clients finished textile products manufactured with technical fabrics and flame retardant components.

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  • 32,00 €

    REFLECTS HEAT A 90% MORE THAN CONVENTIONAL FABRICS . This apron is specially designed to cook with high temperatures because the aluminized layer reflects 90% more heat than a conventional fabric, making it ideal for cooking near barbecues, embers, ovens, fryers, etc. Resists heat 5 times more than cotton. Reflects heat a 90% more than conventional...

    90 x 60 cm

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    HIGH RESISTANCE · PERMANENT FLAME RETARDANT · AMBIDEXTROUS Professional flame retardant mitt ideal to handle hot trays in professional ovens. High protection for hands and forearms, avoiding the risk of burns. Composed by a multi-layered fabric, combining thermal and flame retardant features.Resistant to heat by contact at 350ºC during 10 seconds. Thermal...

    44 x 36 cm
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  • 19,00 €

    THERMAL REFLECTOR · THERMAL BARRIER · EASY TO INSTALL Texfire’s heat reflector is designed to optimize energetic rendiment of radiators, redirecting heat into the room’s interior. This heat reflector performs as a thermal barrier and minimizes the loss of energy which is filtered through the walls. It is placed in the walls, just after the radiator, with...

    200 x 75 cm.
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    THERMAL INSULATOR HOSE · RESISTANT TO ABRASION · FLAME RETARDANT Texfire’s thermal insulator cover for cables or hoses are made with aramid fabric, a flame retardant material very resistant to abrasion, and with an special aluminium coating to provide thermal insulator to the cover’s interior. Covers protect cables, hoses or ducts from wear produced by...

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