Multilayered fabric 

Texfire’s multilayered fabrics are defined as being textile laminations, designed and manufactured to cover very specific technical or functional needs. In most cases, the aim is to add and look for synergies among properties of each fabric, joining them to get a unique multilayered fabric.

The complete range of multilayered fabrics is flame retardant and brings technical solutions like impermeability, insulation against radiant heat, resistance to melted metal splashes, acoustic insulation and high resistance to welding sparks. Texfire manufactures multilayered solutions, that come from 2 up to 5 layers from different fabrics, they are laminated, which eases the confection processes.

Fabric composed of a layer of fiberglass together with an aluminum foil that protects from continuous radiant heat, and another layer of charred PAN carbonized fabric to expand its insulating characteristics.

Composition: 48% GL 44% PAN 8% AL
Weight: 450 g/m² ±5%
Width: 150 cm
Featured: Thermal insulation


Three-layer fire retardant welding fabric that withstands temperatures of 300ºC in continuous and can reach up to 1300ºC in punctual.

Composition: 62% GL 28% PAN 10% SIL
Resistance: 300ºC en continuo
Weight: 730 g/m² ±5%
Width: 150 cm ±2%
Featured: Welding protection

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  • 20,62 €

    ALUMINIZED · THERMAL INSULATION · FIRE RESISTANT The fire resistant multilayer fabric ALTOX 450 is a fabric of high technical characteristics adaptable to several areas or sectors. It is characterized by a fiberglass fabric with an aluminum layer that protects from continuous radiant heat.While another layer of charred PAN fabric gives us the distance and...

    Piece width: 150 cm 
    Grammage: 550 g/m² 

    20,62 €
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  • 30,12 €

    Flame retardant multilayer welding fabric WELD SX, it has a composition designed to offer maximum protection during any welding job, no matter the distance or plane where the fabric is placed. WELD SX fabric withstands temperatures of 550ºC in continuous workload up to 1300ºC in peak workloads (UNE 23727 - M2 certified). Weld SX is a fabric that works...

    Piece width 150 cm
    Grammage 730 g/m² 

    30,12 €
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