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Texfire’s car off-turning fire blankets are fire blankets, designed to extinguish fires in motor, gasoline or diesel vehicles indistinctly. Tailored with a fiberglass fabric recovered with a polymer on both sides. The car off-turning fire blanket weighs approximately 28kg. The Car fire blanket are delivered inside a textile rucksack to ease its transportation and storage.

With a surface of 6x8 m. (48 m2), this blanket allows to cover most cars in case of a fire, even SUVs and off-road vehicles. For its correct placement and because of safety measures, in case of fire the intervention of at least 2 people is recommended. It incorporates 4 grips, one on each corner, in order to ease its placement.

The efficiency of car fire blankets resides on its ability to extinguish a fire in only a few minutes, through the fire suffocation way . The use of this fire blanket has several advantages in relation to other fire systems to extinguish flames in a car, like powder fire extinguishers or water hoses:


  • It is not necessary to have a water source or deposit nearby.
  • Only 2 people are needed to extinguish a car on flames.
  • Can be stored easily, it does not expire.
  • Any kind of anti-fire training is not needed.
  • It avoids that fire spreads to vehicles nearby or surrounding installations.
  • It contains the toxic smokes derived from combustion.
  • It contains the opaque smokes, which allows a perfect vision and situation control.
  • It avoids that installations, like underground parking lots, are damaged with smoke and other incandescent particles in suspension.
  • It avoids that the remains of the fire are filtered in the sewage, as it happens with water use.
  • It does not leave any trace of particles in suspension or placed over surfaces as it happens with fire extinguishers.
  • It can be used close to electrical panels and other installations sensible to water.
  • It largely limits damages caused by the accident.
  • It eases the firefighter’s performance both in resources and in time.

The features and particularities of a fire blanket for cars turn it into an interesting safety element to:

  • Outdoor parking lots
  • Underground parking lots
  • Commercial centers
  • Hotel’s parking lots
  • Car rental companies
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Firefighters
  • Ferries
  • Port services
  • Car dealerships
  • Charging stations
  • Gas stations
  • Insurance companies


  • Resists high temperatures.
  • Great format, 8x6 meters, it allows to cover most cars on the marketplace.
  • Very flexible, it easily covers every type of vehicle.
  • Suitable for motor cars: Gasoline and diesel.
  • Weight 25 kg.
  • Delivered with an impermeable bag.
  • Does not expire.
  • Can be stored easily.
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Warning to electric vehicles:

The use of this blanket in electric vehicles will help to avoid the toxic smokes spread and also to contain the fire, but in no case it will help to extinguish it. When an electric vehicle is on fire, the hydrofluoric acid from the batteries reacts generating oxygen atoms, which means that, although this blanket is used to “suffocate” the fire, the battery will generate enough combustion gases to avoid the fire to extinguish completely.

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