Protection for welder 

All TEXFIRE Welder Accessories are made with flame retardant fabrics. Welding accessories such as the hood, the panty, the bandana or the welding apron are designed to offer a high comfort and protection level, passing the European standards EN ISO.

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    PERMANENT FLAME RETARDANT · TRANSPIRABLE FABRIC · OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION Flame retardant balaclava, made out of transpirable and light fabric, with an excellent touch to the skin. It offers protections against cold, heat, flames and any kind of projections of sparks or incandescent metal particles. It contain antistatic fibers that avoid electrostatic...

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    fire retardant accessory - antistatic
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    FIRE RESISTANT PROTECTION · VERY LIGHT · IMPERMEABLE . Texfire welding apron protects welders from sparks and projections during welding and grinding. Fire resistant protection Resists temperatures of 300ºC in ongoing work Resists temperatures of 900ºC in peak workload Impermeable Easy to clean Asbestos free FEATURES: Fabric: WELD S2Composition: 72%FV...

    90 x 60 cm

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    FIRE RESISTANT PROTECTION · VERY LIGHT · IMPERMEABLE The TEXFIRE Split leg bib welder apron protects the worker from sparks and projections during welding and grinding.Split-skirt design allows greater mobility to the legs. Permanent flame retardant protection, does not spread the flame. Only 0.4 mm thick. Excellent impermeability to water, oils, fats,...

    92 x 62 cm

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    FLAME RETARDANT · ABRASION RESISTANT · VERY LIGHT The Master 3.0 apron offers maximum protection against welding projections and it stands out especially for its comfort. It is elastic, waterproof and very light. It hasn’t been made of leather or animal skin to avoid the moisture degradation like in other welding aprons. Flame retardant and sparks...

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    PERMANENT FLAME RETARDANT · ELASTIC · SUPERIOR GRIP Welding sleeves are designed to offer greater protection in the forearms, elbows and upper arm. Made with Texfire WELD ARS fabric, they provide maximum protection against weld projections and molten metal splashes. They also offer great resistance to tearing, traction and abrasion. Permanent flame...

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    PERMANENT FIRE RESISTANT FABRIC · ELASTIC · IMPERMEABLE Welding spats are designed to protect footwear, instep and part of the shin from welding projections that are generated in welding, oxy-fuel welding, cutting, and other operations. They can also be used for protection in foundries because these flame retardant welders leggings also offer protection...

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    FLAME RETARDANT · ELASTIC · COMFORTABLE The welder neckwear by Texfire is flame retardant, breathable and antistatic. Protects from weld spatter, fire, high temperatures, cold and wind. It is made with elastic fabric, permanent fire resistant fibers with electrostatic dissipation capacity and is also breathable and very pleasant to the touch. This flame...

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    PERMANENT FIRE RESISTANT · BREATHABLE · COMFORTABLE Texfire's WELD bandana avoids to welders any inconveniences with welding projections or sparks. Especially conceived to bring higher hygiene, security  and comfort to welders in their job. Permanent fire resistant protection Does not burn, does not spread flames Breathable Light, comfortable and...

    55-65 cm (P)

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    FIRE RESISTANT· BREATHABLE · COMFORTABLE The TEXFIRE hood gives the welder optimal protection for the head and neck. Its inherent fire retardant fabric prevents the flame from spreading and does not lose its washing properties. Comfortable elastic fit.. • Permanent flame retardant protection• Does not burn, does not spread the flame• Breathable• Light and...

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