The WELD SX blanket for strong and homogeneous weldings is made with the flame retardant WELD SX fabric, manufactured by Texfire, which offers total protection against the most of the welding and cutting techniques, including oxyfuel and plasma cutting. It also resists molten metal splashes.

This welding blanket is designed to act as a thermal barrier. The lower face, with a non-shiny appearance, is a fire-retardant fabric that acts as a heat insulating barrier in contact with the surface that has to be protected.

The upper face has a silicone finish that acts as a barrier against incandescent impacts. This finish prevents sparks and other incandescent elements from sticking to the blanket and therefore it heats up less, significantly extending its useful life.

This welding blanket has been tested to withstand impacts from incandescent elements up to 1300ºC and a continuous work of 300ºC. Complies with the following European regulations:

  • EN ISO 9185: Resistance of textile materials to molten metal splashes.
  • EN ISO 11611: Protective fabrics for welding and related techniques.

Indicated for protection against homogeneous welding (oxyfuel, electric arc, plasma and TIG / MIG). VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL use.


  • Thermal barrier
  • Resists 300ºC continuous work temperatures
  • Resists 1300ºC peak temperatures
  • Complies with regulations EN ISO 9185 y EN ISO 11611
  • Vertical and horizontal use
  • Bias finished edges
  • Grommets at each corner

Fabric:  WELD SX
Composition: 62%GL 28%PAN 10%SIL

62-001150 x 100 cm1.200 gr
62-002200 x 150 cm2.200 gr

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The flame retardant property of our materials is inherent.


Product designed and made in Spain.


Tested by professionals.

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Rest of Europe, from €200
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Delivery: 2-3 days.

(for more than 30 units. term 3 weeks)

You have 15 calendar days to return if you are not satisfied with any of our products.

Regulations - In-house laboratory testing

Fire resistanceUNE 23727M2
Convective heatISO 9151 B1
Radiant heatISO 6942 C1
Traction resistanceEN 13934-1 Warp 2700 N, Weft 1700 N
Flame propagationISO 15025A1-A2
Welding and related techniquesEN ISO 9150 / EN ISO 11611CLASE 2
Melted metal splashesEN ISO 9185E3/D3
Water penetration resistanceUNE EN 20811100
Resistance welding and cutting projectionsEN 9150CLASS 2
Abrasion ResistanceISO 12947-2 20.000 cycle


The blanket is reforced with bias strip and tailored with fire resistant thread.

It presents metalic grommets in each of its cornets to facilitate its instalation.

It includes an elastic band to roll and storage.

Place the bright face to the working area.


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ratingManta weld sx
Victor manuel M. el día 2020-10-04

Muy buena calidad precio

William B. el día 2019-06-21Perfect flame barrier for soldering
Noah C. el día 2019-09-12Fantastic. Highly recommend it.
ratingIt just simply WORKS!
Muhammad C. el día 2019-06-04Great for hvac copper brazing.
ratingGood for hot works
Henry E. el día 2019-09-01Heat Resistant Welding Blanket
Logan G. el día 2019-04-21I bought this to use as a blanket on my Traeger Tailgater Jr. grill. I wish I had bought this sooner.
ratinggood product
Finley H. el día 2019-04-11I used this under a camp stove and the concrete was absolutely cold and untouched. Lots of sparks and ash but the blanket is fine. Also used to insulate an electric roaster outside and it worked nicely
ratingOk - Just ok
Jacob B. el día 2019-05-17Nice flame barrier for soldering inside walls.
ratingHigh quality, fast shipping!
James B. el día 2019-03-16Stopped the tiny sparks and slag
ratingAbsolutely worth it
Samuel C. el día 2019-04-17I can attest this blanket can withstand more than that level of heat. Its a very high quality product, Its VERY VERY well built and will definitely give many years of use.
ratingWelding screen
Leo C. el día 2019-04-12Use as a welding spatter curtain in my garage
ratingSafety must
Lucas E. el día 2019-03-11Used to protect car parts from welding spatter. Much more cost effective than using the paper. Thanks
ratinghigh quality blanket
Isaac G. el día 2019-04-30

Works great with welding. Size is easy to handle yet very good at protecting surrounding area from welding and grinding sparks. Would definitely order it again if needed.