100% fiberglass fabric is created to protect against temperature changes, oil droppings and organic acids and insulations for industry. Despite its fire resistant fabric proerties, it is not recommended to use it to stop fires or in welding jobs.

  • Incombustible (M0) according to UNE 23727-90
  • High resistance to thermal conductivity
  • Perfect insulating conditions
  • Temperature resistant: 550ºC
  • It does not produce toxic gases (asbestos free)

Composition: 100%GL
Weight: 430 g/m² ±5%
Wide: 150 cm

More details

9,68 € /lineal meter tax incl.

This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 3 meters for this product.

In peninsular Spain, from 60€
In the rest of Europe, from 200€

Delivery time: 48h - 72h.

Regulations - In-house laboratory testing

Flame propagationUNE EN ISO 15025A1-A2
Heat resistanceISO 17493:2000550C
Classification to fireUNE 23102-90M0
Convective heatISO 9151:1995B1


100% fiberglass fabric is designed to act as thermal insulator due to its composition and fabric construction which brings a slower temperature transition between both sides of the fabric, meaning a higher degree of isolation. By not having any finishing, the inorganic fiber features are conserved indefinitely, so it could be re-used and washed withou affecting its efficiency.