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This flame retardant welding nape shield is made with Weld T400 fabric, Texfire’s exclusive, resistant to sparks and welding projections. Weld T400 fabric is a flame retardant fabric, composed by a meta-aramid fabric covered with a special silicone for high temperatures.

It has been designed to offer welders an extra protection on the head, nape, and the back’s superior area, when using welding screens or face shields. Unlike leather garments, it is very light and flexible, which provides welders a high degree of comfort and allows them total freedom of movements, as well as it does not interfere on the shield’s opening and closure. Texfire’s nape protector is black colored and totally opaque, so it absorbs light and avoids reflections on the welding screen. In addition, its flame retardant features are permanent, and they do not decrease over time, nor with use or washes.

Its adjustment and clamping system is through a loop and hook system, with an auto-adhesive strip that gets adhered to the helmet, and on which another strip sewn to the nape shield rests. This clamping system, which is also flame retardant, allows adjusting the nape shield to any welding helmet or protection screen, in addition it can be placed and removed as many times as needed without losing its effectiveness.

This nape shield is designed for welders that use:

  • Adjustable welding helmets.
  • Electronic welding helmets.
  • Photosensitive welding helmets.

It can also be installed in safety helmets.

According to the tests performed in Texfire’s internal laboratories, WELD T400 fabric meets regulation EN ISO 11611 - Protection clothing used during welding and related techniques. And it obtains a D3-E3 classification in test EN ISO 9185 - Protection clothing. Resistance evaluation of materials to melted metal splashes.


  • One size fits all. Height 45 cm and wide of 55 cm.
  • Very light and flexible fabric. Weights 124 gr.
  • Flame retardant protection against sparks and welding projections.
  • It is not made out of leather (Vegan), it can be washed.
  • It avoids bacteria and bad odors.
  • Inherent flame retardant fabric.
  • Easy to place and remove.
  • Adjustable to any helmet or protection screen.
  • It avoids light reflections.
  • Resistant to water and oils.
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Data sheet

Data sheet

Convective heat
ISO 9151 | B1
Radiant heat
ISO 6942 | C1
Traction resistance
EN 13934 - 1 | 2700 N ± 10% 1700 N ± 10%
Flame propagation
ISO 15025 | A1 - A2
Melted metal splashes
EN ISO 9185 | E3/D3
Water penetration resistance
EN 20811 | 100
Abrasion Resistance
ISO 12947-2 | 20.000 CYCLES


  • Nape shield suitable for TIG, MIG/MAG and SMAW welding works.
  • It can be used outdoors. Water-resistant, it does not dry out due to humidity or rain.
  • It performs as an effective personal protection element in environments where cutting operations are being made, avoiding sparks to impact on nape or back.


  • Mechanics workshops.
  • Naval sector.
  • Renewable energy sector.
  • Electric utility sector.
  • Petrochemistries.
  • Rail sector.



  • Wash periodically to avoid odors and bacteria.
  • Adjust correctly on the shield or screen.


  • Wash at maximum temperatures of 60°C
  • Do not use bleaching products
  • Dry it outdoors
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