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Texfire’s range of fabrics for welding, composed by multi-layered flame retardant fabrics and coated fabrics, has been designed to provide the highest protection and safety to users and their environment in front of soft, medium or hard welding (TIG, MIG, Electrode, etc.) as well as in cutting operations (radial, oxycut, plasma, etc.), polish and grinding.

After analyzing the features of each kind of welding, as well as the composition of the metals usually practiced, Texfire is able to offer a collection of flame retardant fabrics resistant to sparks derived from welding and impacts of fused metals, those fabric are able to withstand temperatures between 500ºC and  1,300ºC.

All Texfire’s fabrics are tested in our internal laboratory and they have collected several years of experience in the marketplace. All of them are made with inherent flame retardant fibers, which means that their nuclei don’t lose this feature with use nor with time. Also, the coatings of silicone, aluminium, vermiculite and silice raise their performance in features like waterproofing, resistance to abrasion, resistance to high temperatures and even regarding thermal insulation.

Three-layer fire retardant welding fabric that withstands temperatures of 300ºC in continuous and can reach up to 1300ºC in punctual.

Composition: 62% GL 28% PAN 10% SIL
Resistance: 300ºC en continuo
Weight: 730 g/m² ±5%
Width: 150 cm ±2%
Featured: Welding protection


Flire resistant fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on one side, designed to withstand splashes during welding.

Composition: 84%GL 16%SIL
Resistance: 250ºC in continuous. Punctual of 550ºC
Weight: 490 g/m² ±5%
Width: 150 cm
Featured: Resists molten metal splashes


Flame retardant fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides, designed to withstand splashes during welding work. Admits its use vertically.

Composition: 72%GL 28%SIL
Resistance: 250ºC in continuous. Punctual of 900ºC
Weight: 590 g/m² ±5%
Width: 150 cm
Featured: Resists molten metal splashes


Fabric composed by an E-glass type fiberglass base of 1000gsm, offers a great mechanical resistance and is coated with a chemical treatment of vermiculite.

Composition: 72% PTFE 28% GL
Resistance: 600ºC in continuous
Weight: 1035 g/m² ±5%
Width: 100 cm
Featured: Excellent thermal conductor, resistant to abrasion and welding impacts.


Fabric of mineral origin with a chemical treatment of vermiculite to enhance its dimensional stability, its resistance against chemical agents, abrasion and tears.

Composition: 100% Sílica
Resistance: 950ºC in continuous
Weight: 650 g/m² ±5%
Width: 91 cm ±2%
Featured: Excellent thermal resistance


FLAME RETARDANT FABRIC FOR WELDING. Texfire’s welding WELS1 fabric is an E-Glass fiberglass fabric with a black silicone coating for high temperatures on one of its sides. The fiberglass base brings mechanical...
FLAME RETARDANT FABRIC FOR WELDING + THERMAL BARRIER. Weld SX is a welding fabric, designed and manufactured by Texfire, that resists continuous temperatures of 500ºC and peak temperatures up to 1300ºC. It is a...
REVERSIBLE FABRIC FOR WELDING. WELS2 is a flame retardant fabric for welding, designed and manufactured by Texfire. Resists continuous temperatures of  300ºC and peak temperatures of 900ºC. It is a fabric composed by...
FIBERGLASS FABRIC WITH VERMICULITE COATING FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES. Fabric for high temperatures EGLA 1000V is a flame retardant fabric composed by a textured fiberglass base, using thick degree threads  (900tex),...
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