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Multilayered aluminized fabric ALTOX 450 is a flame retardant fabric that acts as a thermal shield in front of flames and high temperatures. Composed by an aluminized fiberglass fabric on one of its sides, laminated with a non-fabric NT Preox 200 layer on the other side, which brings thermal insulation and enhances its function as a thermal barrier.

The aluminized sheet, in addition to be impermeable, also offers a high resistance before the flames’ direct contact, turning ALTOX 450 fabric into an effective barrier against fire. The aluminized face of ALTOX 450 fabric confers resistance to flames and protection before radiant heat sources in extreme temperature conditions or forest or urban fires. Also, pre-carbonized fibers from the internal side perform as a thermal insulator, turning the set into an excellent thermal shield and protection barrier.

The main function of this fabric is to avoid that external agents like flames, liquids or heat, get to go through the other side. Widely used for the confection of coverings, protection cases for drums or flammable goods, thermal barriers or protection shelters for firefighters, among others. It resists 650ºC in continuous working, being able to resist up to 1300ºC in working peaks.

The tri-layered fabric offers a high level of thermal protection without exceeding 500g/m2, which eases its manipulation, placement, transport and cutting without fraying. It must be placed keeping always the aluminized face on the side exposed to flames or heat sources. The aluminized side is impermeable, so it can be used in applications that are outdoors.

ALTOX 450 aluminized fabric has been tested in internal laboratories according to UNE EN ISO 6942:2002 - Protection against heat and fire. Test method: Evaluation of materials and sets of materials when being exposed to a radiant heat source, obtaining the best result, a C4. And according to regulation UNE EN ISO 9151:2018 - Protection clothes against heat and flames. Determination of heat transferring when exposed to a flame, with a B2 result, as a barrier of Protection to convective heat.


  • It resists direct contact with flames.
  • Fabric’s thickness 2,6 mm, 450g/m2 and useful width 150 cm.
  • It resists exposure to radiant heat and high temperatures.
  • It insulates an object, surface or area before the external high temperatures.
  • It resists 650ºc in continuous works and up to 1300ºc in peak Temperatures.
  • Flexible fabric, easy to handle, it does not fray when being cut with scissors.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Totally opaque, suitable to protect sensible elements
  • Its flame retardant features do not decrease with use. It does not expire.
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  • Cases against fire for works of art.
  • Cases for cable trays.
  • Covers for delicate goods.
  • Flame retardant shelters.
  • Flame retardant insulating cases for drums.
  • Thermal shield.
  • Flame retardant cover.
  • Cases against fires.
  • Radiant heat protector.
  • Cases for flammable products.


  • Firefighters, forest officers.
  • Museums and estates.
  • Construction sector.
  • Foundries and metal industries.
  • Mechanics workshops.
  • Installer and maintenance companies.
  • Chemicals and derived.
  • Petrochemicals.


  • Always use it with the aluminized side exposed to the heat source or flames.
  • Do not rub nor vacuum the mat side.
  • The aluminized side can be washed with a wet cloth.
  • Check its status before its use.
  • Store it rolling it in a tubular way.
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Data sheet

Data sheet

Convective heat
ISO 9151 | B2
Radiant heat
ISO 6942 | C4
Traction resistance
EN 13934-1 | Warp 2200 N, Weft 1200 N
Fire reaction
EN ISO 11612| Pass
Flame propagation
ISO 15025 | A1
Ropa de protección para bomberos
EN 469|Pass
Contact heat
ISO 12127 | F2
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