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Fire blanket, stainless steel box



Fire blanket with stainless steel box is used to fight against fire connates and avoid possible burns during the evacuation process of a fire.

  • Effective against fire according to EN1869
  • Light and flexible
  • Skin compatible (asbestos free)
  • Finishes in fire resistant thread and reflectant arrows
  • Luminiscent letters to ease your vision
  • Once used, replace with REPLACEMENT FIRE BLANKET


FabricNT 200

Blanket sizesCover sizesTotal weight
120 x 120 cm30 x 16 x 9 cm1.785 gr
150 x 120 cm30 x 16 x 9 cm2.100 gr
180 x 150 cm30 x 16 x 9 cm2.300 gr

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67 € tax incl.


In peninsular Spain, from 60€
Rest of Europe, from 200€

Delivery time: 48h - 72h.

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Regulations - In-house laboratory testing

Flame propagationUNE EN ISO 15025A1-A2
Effectivity against fireUNE EN 1868:1997Cumple
European MarketUNE EN 1868:1997Cumple
Electrical resistanceUNE EN 1868:1997Cumple


According to report nº 2014AN0254 expedited by AITEX textile laboratory, the blanket pre-oxidized fibers complies with the requirements of European standard EN 1869 for fire blankets. Defined as a security element, used to fight against small fires and avoid possible burns during a fire evacuation. By its weight, speed and ease use is recommended to resolve situations where other extinction elements may be ineffective.
The stainless steel box, with a customizable design to any environment, is suitable for wall installation both indoors and outdoors. It includes instructions for use, maintenance and folding


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