About us

Texfire is a family company of textile tradition, who decided to especialise in the developement of tecnic frabrics for people protection 15 years ago. During that time Texfire has become the first national manufacturer of fireproof blankets.

What we do

We supply textile products for the protection against fire and high temperatures. We work in the investigation, innovation and development to offer different protection products to the market aimed to different sectors.

Why we do it

Due to our experience, our goal is the creation of new textile products that follow the regulations of each sector we adress, ensuring in this way the quality of all our products and offering a fair price.

Our philosophy

Our team is in continuous training for their own personal and professional growth, and to provide us new knowledge to keep the company in a competitive market position.

Textile Engineering

Texfire has a specialised textile laboratory cuenta that takes around 100 quality controls dayly, where all the produced products' parameters are revised in order to guarantee user's security at the end. All our products are certified in official laboratories.

Regulations & Design

Texfire products are designed under European and American guidelines and regulations. Our team analises and designs the most apropiate fabrics for direct risk in the countryside or workplace, and later, they design and develop products that offer the best protection.

Customer Service

Our customers are our best partners. We love to associate with great people and organisations to produce an exceptional job that generates positive synergies. For this reason we believe in a business model where everyone is a receiver.

Tailored Solutions

In Texfire we try to cover our clients needs by offering the chance to produce our products tailored and customized. We love to listen and counsel them because giving a solution to their needs is our motivation.

Our environment

Our workspace represents our company values and our sense of aesthetics. It is open, balanced and minimalist, where you can breathe a technical atmosphere in which the people protection is our main objective.

Our Staff

Joan Ginestà



Joan G. Mujal

Business Manager


Yamila Espinosa

Sales Manager


Feliu Graells

Business Developer


Marina Ginestà

Textil Engineer


Olga Rodríguez

Research and Development Manager


Bernat Sala

Operation Manager


Roser Agulles

Laboratory and Quality Control Manager