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Thermal isolation

How to choose a good welding curtain?

Welding curtain: Flame retardant protection of the working area Screens functions: separation of areas and security signalling. ISO 9185: Fabric's resistance before melted metal splashes. An optimal calculation of...
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What is a permanent flame retardant fabric?

Permanently flame retardant: Property unalterable with time and washing Texfire uses one type of fabric for all its projects: the permanent or inherent flame retardant fabric. This is a technical fabric that prevents...
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Functions of screens: space separations and safety signs

Take advantage offered by the screen's function to create privacy in an area is what makes that Texfire has developed a new range of security products, protection screens against electric arc and radiant heat....
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ISO 9185: Fabric resistance against splashes of melted metal

ISO 9185 European Regulation to evaluate the resistance of welding and foundry clothing To certify this regulation, the garments or flame retardant fabrics used to tailor workwear for welders and operators in...
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Hydrophobic and/or oil-resistant properties in flame retardant fabrics

What are them, and what does it mean each?Inside textile world, the terms hydrophobic and oil-resistant are used in a lot and varied textile products to use in working scopes in addition to particular ones. Both are...
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Difference between convective, radiant and by contact heat

In general terms, heating any element implies the transference of thermal energy - energy created as a result of the temperature of an object - from one body to other. This energy transference could be done in three...
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Use of fire blankets in power plants

Fire blankets: A first aid supporting element in power plantsWhat factors can cause a fire in a power plant? Generally two, human and technical factors, but usually happens by: Generation of sparks by overheating...
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UNE EN ISO 12952: European Regulation for bed linen

Behavior to fire of bedding articlesThis regulation specifies the method to evaluate the easiness of ignition through two parts: UNE EN ISO 12952-1, action of a burning cigarette. UNE EN ISO 12952-2, action of a...
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TEXFIRE will expose its latest developments in protection against heat and fire in SICUR 2016

SICUR, with a biannual frequency, is considered as one of the most important international exhibitions from the sector of security, emergency and protection. It foresees to receive a bigger number of participants from...
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Why do you have to use flame retardant sheets?

Flame retardant sheets are suitable to dress beds and protect them from fireWe all know sheets are big fabrics of cotton, linen or any synthetic material to dress beds, but if we also those sheets are flame retardant,...
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