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Technical fire resistant fabrics


  • Flame retardant fabrics for welding


    Available in three protection levels for welding: Soft, Strong and Strong + thermal isolator. Permanent fire resistant fabrics, light but robust, suitable to offer high security and protection against metal slag and sparks produced during cutting and welding techniques.
    Texfite fire resistant fabric for welding are designed taking into consideration: type of risk welders are exposed, proximity of welding and place to protect, type of welding to do and workplace conditions.

  • Flame retardant fabrics

    banner_mantas.jpgTechnical fire resistant fabrics of this category are used to protect the environment against fire/ecxplosion risks, to isolate working areas or to protect machinery or pavements. Available in different widths and they withstand peak temperatures of 500 degrees centigrade.

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  • 17,73 €

    Fire resistant glassfiber fabric with one silicone coating, designed to withstand melted melted metal splashes caused during welding works. WELD S1 withstands temperatures of 250ºC in continuous workload arriving up to 550ºC in peak workload. It is not recommended to use it horizontally. Resistant to chemicals. Electric insultator. Fire resistant both...

    Piece wideness 150 cm
    Grammage 490 g/m² 

    17,73 €
    In Stock
  • 20,19 €

    Fire resistant fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides designed to withstand spashes of melted metal caused during welding and cutting jobs. WELD S2 fabric withstands temepetures of 250ºC in ongoing work arriving up to 900ºC in peak workload. It admits a horizontal use in some work situations. Resistant to chemical products Electric...

    Piece wideness 150 cm
    Grammage 590 g/m² 

    20,19 €
    In Stock
  • 30,19 €

    Flame retardant welding three-ply fabric, it has a composition designed to offer maximum protection during any welding job, no matter the distance or plane where the fabric is placed. WELD SX fabric withstands temperatures of 300ºC in continuous workload up to 1300ºC in peak workloads. Fire and water resistant. Heat and cold isulator. Resistant to sparks...

    Piece wideness 150 cm
    Grammage 730 g/m² 

    30,19 €
    In Stock
  • 9,68 €

    100% fiberglass fabric is created to protect against temperature changes, oil droppings and organic acids and insulations for industry. Despite its fire resistant fabric proerties, it is not recommended to use it to stop fires or in welding jobs. Incombustible (M0) according to UNE 23727-90 High resistance to thermal conductivity Perfect insulating...

    Piece wideness 150 cm
    Grammage 430 g/m² 

    9,68 €
    Out of stock
  • 11,54 €

    Fire resistant fabric TEXFIRE NT200 made of precarbonized fibers offers an inherent resistance to flames. It is effective blocking heat and acting as a thermal, acoustic and electric isolator. Permanent fire resistant Effective against fire according to EN1869 (fire blankets) Light and flexible Does not burn, nor melt or drip Abestos free and toxic...

    Piece wideness 160 cm
    Grammage 200 g/m² 

    11,54 €
    In Stock
  • 29,20 €

    ALUMINIZED · THERMAL INSULATION · FIRE RESISTANT Fabric of high technical characteristics adaptable to several areas or sectors. It is characterized by a fiberglass fabric with an aluminum layer that protects from continuous radiant heat.While another layer of charred PAN fabric gives us the distance and thickness to expand its insulating characteristics,...

    Piece wideness 150 cm 
    550 g/m² 

    29,20 €
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items