Other flame retardant products 

New range of flame retardant products for multiple uses and applications.
Products in this category have as common feature that raw materials and all their components are flame retardant (closures, sewing threads, explanatory vinyls). The flame retardant feature means that they inhibit flames advancement and auto-extinguish fire. In addition of meeting its main function, each product is complemented by the flame retardant feature, and even in some cases is indispensable.
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  • 32,00 €

    FIRE RESISTANT PROTECTION · IMPERMEABLE · GREAT DURABILITY The Texfire fire resistant envelope is designed to protect documents and small objects from an occasional fire and / or spill of liquids, acids and oils. Made using different fire resistant technical fabrics placed in a way that they constitute a multilayer barrier resistant to fire and flames,...

    DIN A4 format
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  • 26,00 €

    KING SIZE · RESISTANT TO  CORROSIVE FLUIDS · FLAME RETARDANT Suitable to cover and and seal in a faster and temporary way sewages, grids or drainages in case of an accidental spill of contaminant liquids and avoiding filtrations.Essential to include as an element in ADR basic kits, according to what is established in disposition 8.1.5. ADR 2017, regarding...

    75x100 cm.
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  • 35,55 €

    PERMANENT FIRE RESISTANT · STAIN REPELLANT · ANTISTATIC Professional apron that has a double protective function: fire resistant and stain repellant. Suitable in kitchens and jobs close to stoves, fryers or ignition risk places.It is tailored with a fabric approved following regulation EN 13034 for protection clothes to fire and limited fire propagation....

    90 x 60 cm

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items