Welding protection 


The Welding Blankets offer three levels of protection: SOFT, STRONG and STRONG + HEAT INSULATION. Manufactured in accordance with the European standards EN ISO 11611 and EN ISO 15025, they are made with permanent, lightweight but resistant, flame retardant fabrics which offer greater safety and protection against spark and metal slags produced during cutting and welding.

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  • 60,00 €

    FIRE RESISTANT · SOLDERING · IMPERMEABLE . Soldering blanket WELD S1 is designed to bring maximum security and protection to workers and their environment against sparks and metal projections caused during welding and grinding jobs. One side vertical use. Resists temperatures of 250ºC in ongoing work Resists temperatures of 550ºC in peak workload...

    Available in 2 sizes 150x100 cm / 200x150 cm
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  • 55,00 € 65,00 €

    FIRE RESISTANT · BRAZING AND ARCH WELDING · IMPERMEABLE . Blanket for brazing and homogeneus weldings WELD S2 is designed to bring maximum security and protection to workers and their environment against sparks and metal projections caused during welding and grinding jobs. Suitable for protection before homogeneus weldings of electrical arch. VERTICAL and...

    Available in 2 sizes: 150x100 cm / 200x150 cm
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  • 74,00 € 89,00 €

    FIRE RESISTANT · BRAZING HEAT ISOLATOR · IMPERMEABLE . Blanket for brazing and homogeneus weldings WELD SX is designed to bring maximum security and protection to workers and their environment against sparks and metal projections caused during welding and grinding jobs. The inferior layer with plush (PAN) protects the contact surface from heat. Suitable...

    150x100 cm / 200x150 cm
    89,00 € 74 €
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  • 23,00 €

    HEAT ISOLATOR · FIRE RESISTANT PROTECTION · FLEXIBLE The welding blanket for plumbing protects the environment and isolates it from the welding heat produced by welding in confined spaces. It's flame retardant multilayer fabric resist temperature shocks up to 1.400ºC and it's great flexibility (only 4 mm. thickness) allows it to be used in small spaces....

    35 x 25 cm
    50 x 35 cm
    23 €
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  • 86,17 €

    FLAME RESISTANT · 3 PROTECTION LEVELS · CUSTOMIZED SIZE Set up your own welding blanket according to your size and protection needs. You can choose the blanket fabric among three Texfire protection levels: WELD S1, WELD S2 and WELD SX. Optionally, you can incorporate metal fastening eyelets on perimeter, every 50 cm, to hang the blanket in vertical...

    from 150x150 cm.
    86,17 €
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  • 131,56 €

    FIRE RESISTANT · USEFUL FOR BOTH SIDES · VERTICAL PROTECTION Configure your fire retardant curtain with the measurements you want. Made with the Weld S2 fire resistant fabric, which offers optimal resistance to welding sparks or impacts from cutting and grinding projections. Ideal to separate and define work zones.Flexible, light and easy to clean with a...

    from 150x150 cm.
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  • 36,00 €

    FASTENING WITH GROMMETS · REINFORCED FLAME RETARDANT SEWINGS · DOUBLE-SIDED TECHNOLOGY Texfire’s hands-free plumbing blanket is designed with grommets for a perfect adaptation to copper pipes and to avoid falling or slipping, easing the protection of the surface behind the pipe. It admits a horizontal as well as vertical use, no matter the diameter of...

    welding propane torch
    35x25 cm | 50x35 cm
    36 €
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  • 275,00 € 432,00 €

    COMPLIES WITH EN ISO 25980 · STAINLESS STEEL ANCHORS · ADAPTABLE TO SEVERAL HEIGHTS PVC slats curtain systems for welding are placed in accesses and doors to protect from welding projections, isolating the working environment from harmful UV radiations.Welding slats are manufactured in red-colored PVC, with certificate EN ISO 25980, designed for the...

    Bar: 964 mm., height 31 mm., wide 32 mm., thick 1,2 mm.
    Slats: 300x3 mm., height 3,5 m.. weight 25 kg.
    432,00 € 275 €
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  • 250,00 € 385,00 €

    WELDING SCREEN WITH WHEELS · SWEEPING ARMS · REMOVABLEWelding screen structures with arms are mobile frames suitable to create a working cabin, or to use as a mobile wall, to convert any space into an area more clearly defined and safer to weld, protecting at the same time to the people moving near from the working areas.This welding screen can cover a...

    High 4.300 mm x Wide 2.100 mm.
    385,00 € 250 €
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  • 120,00 € 178,00 €

    WELDING PROTECTION · FILTERS IR+UV BEAMS · CERTIFIED WITH EN ISO 25980 REGULATION Kit of 2 curtains for the welding screen structure, with hooks for its suspension. Fabricated with PVC, certified with EN ISO 25980 regulation, that protects from blue light and harmful radiation produced by IR+UV beams, caused by the welding voltaic arc, that in case of...

    2 uts. de 1800 x 1400 x 0,4mm.
    With metal eyelets

    178,00 € 120 €
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  • 230,00 € 327,00 €

    WELDING SCREEN WITH WHEELS · STABLE · BIG SIZETexfire’s welding screen structure serves as a frame for screens to create a welding partition to retain sparks and incandescent particles. It also delimits working spaces and protects personnel that is moving near the welding area.It is manufactured with iron, a material that brings stability and solidity to...

    iron structure iron structure with wheels
    Height 2200 mm x Wide 2100 mm
    327,00 € 230 €
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