Kitchen flame retardant clothing 

Kitchen flame retardant clothing allows to work with higher security in kitchens, stoves, barbecues or any environment where potential contact with fire exists. According to the use of each product, the fabric has oil resistance, waterproof or hydrophilic properties. The collection of kitchen fireproof clothinh is composed by an fire resistant apron with bib and a short fireproof apron, bandana apron and a kitchen fireresistant cloth, technical DishMitt heat protective by contact and a BBQ apron.

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    REFLECTS HEAT A 90% MORE THAN CONVENTIONAL FABRICS . This apron is specially designed to cook with high temperatures because the aluminized layer reflects 90% more heat than a conventional fabric, making it ideal for cooking near barbecues, embers, ovens, fryers, etc. Resists heat 5 times more than cotton. Reflects heat a 90% more than conventional...

    90 x 60 cm

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    HIGH RESISTANCE · PERMANENT FIRE RESISTANT · AMBIDEXTROUS The professional fire resistant mitten is ideal for handling hot trays in professional ovens. High protection for the hand and forearm, avoiding risk of burns. Composed by a multi-layer fabric, which combines thermal and fire-retardant properties.Resistant to heat by contact at 350ºC for 10...

    44 x 26 cm

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items