Use of fire blankets in power plants

Fire blankets: A first aid supporting element in power plants.

What factors can cause a fire in power plant?
Generally two, human and technical factors, but usually happens by:

  • Generation of sparks by overheating and high temperatures in machines and equipments.
  • Incandescent particles that could be stuck in machines.

Which are the consequences of this type of accidents? Always severe and very expensive.

  • Injuries and/or risk of human losses.
  • Expensive interruption of production.
  • Damages in infrastructure and machines that generate expensive reparation costs or equipment replacements.

How must this sector protect against fires? What would be the fastest, easierst and secure way when we talk about human lives?

Even though the technological progress offers automatic systems of prevention and extinction of fires each time more sophisticated and very safe, and even regarding the manual way, we could mention extinguishers, fire blankets, as a complement for extinguishers, is placed as the individual element with the fastest and active performance against an accident of this kind, very efficient to suffocate a premature fire and not becoming it in an explosion and it will even help the plant personnel to cover with it and exit the danger zone in case of an incontrollable outbreak of fire.

Thus, Spanish Industry and Energy Office – Reference: BOE-A-2014-6084, Shows the explicit way of use of fire blankets in power plants, as a first aid supporting element.
According to Provision 6084 in BOE No. 139 2014 :
The current Regulation about technical conditions and security warrants in power plants, substations and processing plants was approved by Real Decreto 3275/1982, from November 12th.
5.4 Instructions and first aid supporting elements.
In all facilities spaces with first aid instructions will be placed and must be provided to the damaged ones by contact with voltaic elements.
In every facility that requires permanent service of personnel, the indispensable elements to practice first aid in case of accident will be provided, like emergency kits, stretchers, fire blankets, etc, and instructions of use. (•)
(•) Source:

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