UNE EN ISO 12952: European Regulation for bed linen

Behaviour to fire of bedding articles

This regulation specifies the method to evaluate the easiness of ignition through two parts:
UNE EN ISO 12952-1, action of a burning cigarette and UNE EN ISO 12952-2, action of a small uncovered flame, like the one provided by a match over a bedding article as well as the placement of the test tubes for each type of article.

Articles to test are: matress covers, folded bottom sheets, sheets and incontinency duffels, sheets, blankets, electric blankets, duvets and quilts, pillows and cushions (regardless of their filling) and pillow cases. Matresses, bed bases and matress duffels are not included in this regulation.

Critera defined by regulation UNE EN ISO 12952 for progressive ignition without flame are the following:

  • Any test tube where combustion intensifies until a point when it is dangerous to continue with the test and it is necessary the voluntary extinction.
  • Any test tube that burns without blame and consumes almost completely.
  • Any test tube that provokes smoke, heat or incandescense in a considerable way, after a period of 1 hour after the cigarette’s application.
  • In the case of a burning cigarette (UNE EN ISO 12952-1), any test tube that evidences latent fire duing the inspection after testing and shows an abnormal coloration over  50 mm in all directions.
  • In the case of an uncovered flame (UNE EN ISO 12952-2), any test tube that evidences a latent fire during the inspection after testing and shows an abnormal coloration above 100 mm horizontally from the closest point of the ignition source.

Criteria defined for an ignition with flame are described down below:

  • When there are flames produced by a burning cigarette.
  • Any test tube that gets worse during the test in a way that it dangerous to continue with the test and need to be finished.
  • Any inflamation that persist during more than 120 seconds after taking the ignition source off.

Once the test is done, the following information will be taken into account:

  • Ignition easiness of the bedding article.
  • Identification of the article and all components.
  • Result of the test; ignition or no ignition.
  • Number and date of the regulation.
  • Behaviour of the test tube after the previous cleaning treatment if required.
  • All pertinent observations regarding behaviour to fire.

For a more detailed information of the procedures done in this test, visit Texfire‘s website or contact directly with customer service department.