Food truck: Urban cooking more protected with fire blankets

Equip Food truck kitchens with higher protection.

During summertime is very trendy to eat on streets, but this last summer peculiarity was that food was prepared instantly, fresh and hot food, ready to get served and tasted, its cooking place: van type vehicles, trucks transformed in real professional kitchens that have overflown Europe and had arrive to our steets… are famous street food FOOD TRUCKS. Now already with Associations and annual event calendars around whole Iberic peninsula.

Food Truck, is nowadays: originality, novelty and easiness, is a new concept of gourmet street food, is related with street, lots of people, food, event and activities in open outdoor spaces, and inspire us to enjoy good food in a more natural way, with fast and different service.

But the real pleasure of eating on street goes beyound than the food that these curious trucks elaborate. We must also think in security and everyone’s protection, from the ones working on trucks, of the ones who receive its services and pedestrians who walk aliened from what happens on their surroundings.


Have you ever thought that when we transform a food in a kitchen we are equipping this space with machines that need gas and fire for its full functioning? That a simple error can change this pleasure into a tragedy? Inside food trucks, we have totally equipped kitchen: from a dishwasher, a fridge, to the most important and unchangable basics are stoves and kitchen ovens,  also a frier, grills which most of them basically work with gas and power. It is recommended to have a fire blanket in these small places where heat and fire are the main protagonist to add security and protection tranquility before any fire accident.


Thus, in this way, as we eaquip these vehicles with a kitchen to become real food trucks, we must also think in how equipping this space with active elements against any emergency risk, cutting accident or burn. On the basis of this principle in matter of security against fires in food trucks, to have a fire extinguisher must be essential and a very recommendable complement of this element will be a  fire blanket that helps to suffocate first fire connates and avoid higher damages.


We invite you to visit the category of fire blankets that Texfire has developed under regulation EN 1869 / 1997, and consult the two available sizes and presentations designed and thought for this working environment.