Fire blanket, an element of autoprotection in tire fires on road

Technological development has helped that nowadays tires will be more modern and lasting but it doesn’t mean that they will be exent of irreparable dameges and that, in some cases, solution will be its replacement by a simple ageing or that ends up in a burst causing a fire in the middle of the road in many cases.

The origin and causes of tire fires or explosions could be multiple, we could mention the most frequent ones:

  • Bad displayed loads, causing an irregular weight.
  • A simple contact with a stone on road.
  • Bad inflated wheels being highly or slightly inflated.
  • Breaking system overheating, due to a mechanical fail or inadequate use of brakes, it produces a friction which increases temperature and provokes an oil drain.

All these causes make that an irregular pressure is caused in tires and could cause a burst, but we also could talk about double tire crashes as a fire cause.

The tire blows + tire friction in road’s floor = starts to burn by friction.

In seconds we will be before a fire.

According to the situation is presented, we could exercise driving conditions, contact road service assistance and/or follow the security protocols that could be done using available equipments on that time, and that risk prevention regulations demand.

“Using a fire blanket we could face the situation and suffocate the incipient fire.”

In some cases, higher damages of a fire could be prevented if we notice smoke, burning smell, being able to face the situation and suffocate the incipient fire if we have a fire blanket by hand, that will be an auxiliar element and extinguisher complement to autoprotect us if we see ourselves enclosed by fire.



How to use fire blanket as utoprotective element? Simply by covering our body with it.

We invite you to visit Texfire website, manufacturer of fiberglass flame retardant blankets and fire blankets, on it you will find not only the instructions of use of this security and protection element but also they have a design suitable to carry on vehicles, Texfire’s fire blanket references: MIFI11 and MIFI12, is presented in texile cover and is available in three sizes.