Advantages of fire blankets in restaurant kitchens

Fire blankets designed under regulation UNE – EN 1869 / 1997, are blankets that meet the requisites of non-reusable flame retardant blankets and foreseen for a single person use and essentially destined to extinguish cooking oils fires and protect people whose clothes or body are on fire.

It is also very important that the used blanket is tailored under regulation CE (European Conformity marking), that establishes a manufacturer’s declaration informing that safety premises issued by European Commissio had been taken into account. In fire blankets case, it stablishes, among other questions, that it isn’t manufactured with abestos.
United to the fact that every time basic edification rules regarding risks prevention and fire detection had been taken ino consideration, it is recommended that workplaces are equipped with adequate displays to prevent and fight against fires. In this way, we would like to comment you why you must have a fire blanket in your restaurant as an auxiliary preventive element for its inmediate use in the case of a mistake or accident that could finish in a fire, it is an election that only brings advantages.

“extinguish fires of cooking oils”

Even though extinguishers are displays to fight against fires that, by regulations, acts and norms, are forced to be placed in venues, there are situations when its use is limited when we are before a fire in a burning frying pan or fryer, the pressure by which extinguishers eject foam causes that oil jumps out the frying pan provoking that fire spreads instead of turning it off. In this cases, fire blankets will be the most functional, fastest and efficient actuation element. Simply placing the blanket over the frying pan, we will stop the oxygen entry and the fire will be suffocated.
Since this action, everything are advantages:
– It protects our employees lifes.
– It protect goods.
– We don’t interrupt kitchen work.
– It keeps cleaning once used: in case of use, the environment keeps clean and free of flame particles.
– It has an easy use for any persone, simply display and cover.
– Very practical, it does not need any maintenance.
– It avoids the restart of a fire.


Basically is always useful to have them on restaurants, having a fire blankets is a synonymof safety and life protection.