10 reasons to have a fire blanket

Defined as a safety element, flame retardant blankets also known as fire blankets, are used to fight against fire connates and avoid possible burns during the evacuation process of a fire. The specific regulation of the product itself, UNE-EN 1869:1997, defines it as “sheets of flexible materal destined to extinguish small fires by suffocation”. So it is very imprtant to be sure that the adquired fire blanket meets this regulation.

All fires start with a small fire and a fast action could avoid a catastrophe. Thus, the 10 reasons why we recommend to have a fire blanket are the following:

1- Because it is an active protection system against fire of easy and fast action.

​2- Because it is effective before any type of fire (Class A, B, C, D, F/K).

3- Because it is effective to block heat and act as a barrier when escaping a fire; just cover with the fire blanket and run to a safe place.

4- Because people whose clothes are firing could be covered with it and stop the flames, saving their life in this way.

5- Beacuse due to its easy use and lightness it could be used by everyone, including people with limited physical capacities.

6- Because they are economic and only need to be placed in a visible and easy access place.

7- Because due to its versatility they could be used in professional sectors as well as domestic use (industrial kitchens, laboratories, oil centres, domestic kitchens, cars, caravans…)

8- Because it does not require any maintenance. Just replace it when used.

9- Because, in the case of frying pans or fryers burning, it is the safest system to stop fires caused by oil. Just cover the frying pan or fryer with a fire blanket and let the fire die.

10- Because everytime there are more organisations that recommend it as a complement of security systems against fire including it in their manuals of Security Systems and Risk Prevention basing in Real Decreto 2267/2004, among others.

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